Best Car Lease Deal – The Rocket Hatch

Performance cars are probably one of the most difficult to market in the world today and Vauxhall is one company that can attest to that completely. The company invested millions into its VXR brand of cars and it looks only in vain. Even behind all its performance performance glory, the VXR is no match up against its rivals, like Volkswagen, Ford, and even Subaru. However, it looks all that is about to change once they launch the VXR 888, a proverbial next step in performance technology.

First off, this best car lease deal has a whopping 225 horsepower tuned engine, which makes it the most powerful model in its category. It also looks the part as well, not one to give off signs of weak build or quality. All black alloy wheels and a low profile give this super-mini a look that can only be described as "almost crazy", what with its wings and air vents on the bodywork. The new exhaust system is designed by Remus, and this car certainly makes its presence felt as its much louder than standard, its low notes bordering on menace and not an unpleasant grumble. Power is not something to be underestimated either, because although you floor the gas pedal and nothing seems to happen quite yet, just wait a few moments and feel the turbo kick in to leave your competition in 3,000 rpm dust! This is definitely one of the top extreme road cars that Vauxhall has built.

Inside, the seats are no longer standard, but anyone who buys one of these will be surprised to see extreme-design bucket seats that are more comfortable to sit in than to look at. The driving position is adjustable and away from the exhaust noise, the interior cabin is probably one of the other things that will turn consumer heads for a second look. There's no doubt that this is one of the best car lease deal hatches to be unleashed to the market and when it is released, prepare to be dazzled.

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Source by Daniel Brown Lamb

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