Reading the So-Called Sumerian Seals Relating to Gods from Outer Space

Reading the So-Called Sumerian Seals Relating to Gods from Outer Space

In a recent article on Ancient Origins , Jason Jarrell and Sarah Farmer discussed the possibility that Zecharia Sitchin mistranslated several Sumerian Texts.  According to Sitchin, there were a number of Sumerian seals that relate to the Anunnaki, whom he said came from the heavens to create man and enslave mankind to work in the mines. Although this is the opinion of Sitchin and his supporters, the Sumerian seals they cite as evidence for this enslavement relate to the simple worship of the gods by the Sumerians. These seals were actually talismans that were meant to encourage the Sumerian people to reflect on their gods and do good, no more.

A careful translation of these seals indicate that they have nothing to do with space travel or the so-called Niburans. These seals relate to being good luck talismans, reminding the bearer of the seals to worship their gods—not space travel.

1st Millennium Mesopotamian/Sumerian cylinder seal.

1st Millennium Mesopotamian/Sumerian cylinder seal. ( Public Domain )

In the above figure, we see a number of Sumerian signs. There are three figures. These signs are associated with the figures.

In the image we see the Sumerian sign of kingship which is represented by the figure which is star-shaped and includes sixteen points. The dot reads li, and the line is i. In Sumerian li i means “to become visible/shine”.

Sixteen point star. Detail, Sumerian cylinder seal.

Sixteen point star. Detail, Sumerian cylinder seal. ( Public Domain )

Next, we see two gods. On the left, we see a human-fish figure. This god may represent the god Ea who was like a fish and is supposed to be the creator of man. The other god may be Enlil. The hands of the gods pointing to the log represent the signs, i ta , and reads “Send forth his Touch”.

Likely god Ea.                         Possible god Enlil.

Likely god Ea.                         Possible god Enlil.                             

Between the gods and above them, we see a log-shaped figure with a number of lines. On the right-hand side of the log we see two signs: a hook with a line under it. The hook is probably the u sign, the line is read i. The two signs would read u i , “Witness amazement”.

In the Center of the log we see a dot ( li), a half circle ( a) under the dot and a fan like symbol ( pa). Under the fan is a large half circle ( a). These symbols read Li a pa A , or “Become visible a strong leader. The Father”.

At the end of the log on the left-hand side we see three signs: a vertical line ( i), with two horizontal lines ( gu) between it and another vertical line. These signs read i gu i or “Become a visible witness to benefit man”.

Log-shaped figure.

Under the a sign, in the center of the seal we see a figure surrounded by the dot line symbol = li i ‘Become visible”. The next sign is the u, “Powerful/Nourish”. Within the u sign we see repeatedly the dot ( li) sign between two lines on either side ( gu). Li gu = “send forth sustenance”. These symbols probably read “Become visible a powerful (Leader/Father) to send forth sustenance for mankind”.

Figure surrounded by the dot line symbol.

Figure surrounded by the dot line symbol.

The Enlil situated at the end of the seal has his hand made in the shape of the tu sign, and reads, i tu , “Send forth the libation”. The god Ea’s hand is shaped in sign of i ta , and reads Send forth (his/the) Touch”.

Let’s read the seal from right to left. Signs to the far right of the seal read:

Me mi mi I i-ta mi ge i u u mi gu lu a a i-me


“The diviner has much power from the deity to send forth[blessings]. Send forth the character of the Diviner. Act to send forth amazement to nourish the oracle and sustain man. The strong Father sends forth the oracle”.  

Next, we see a figure that resembles an arrow or spear seated on a base. This spear or arrow figure is made up of a number of signs. They read Pa ta u “Reveal the character of a powerful man”.

On the left side of the spear/arrow figure we see a number of signs beginning with a wave (zi) sign slightly above the head of the god. The wavy sign is zi and reads righteousness or ‘breath of life’.

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