Windows 7 Freezes Up – Learn How to Fix Computer Freezing Problem

It is not something strange if your Windows 7 freezes up randomly and makes your computing really irritating and slow. Such freezing can happen not just in the Windows 7, but also in other operating systems. Fixing a computer freezing problem is not that hard. It requires a little well-directed effort to clean up computer either manually or through some system optimization utility.

Before trying to figure out how can you stop Windows 7 from freezing up, it is better to understand the internal structure of the Windows Registry and the operating system files. You will be amazed to know that many computer errors are not linked to the virus and spyware based infections in the system. Rather corruption in Windows Registry is the real culprit. Windows Registry is mostly affected by internal errors in the operating system.

Windows 7 Registry is a database which contains codes for files, programs, hardware and software that is installed in the computer. These Registry codes contain information in the form of keys. Corruption in the Registry may result in total system failure or various errors in Windows.

Why does the Windows Registry get corrupt? The major reason behind this malfunction is that the Registry is frequently accessed by Windows during its operations and the presence of invalid and unwanted Registry keys create a lot of trash inside Windows 7 engine. To keep Windows 7 Registry in good health it is important to periodically clean registry through a sophisticated Registry cleaning software.

It is also important to remove suspicious applications and programs running in computer to avoid Windows 7 freezing.

Some additional things that you can do are:

>> Add RAM
>> Cool down your computer
>> Keep a short list of startup items / background services.
>> Defrag Windows Registry data
>> Clean system junk
>> Clean browsers junk

Windows automatically indexes all files and folders within selected drives. This list is prepared for improved search engine functionality. However it affects your computer performance. Windows 7 freezes up because this task continues runs and uses computer memory. Here disable indexing feature to improve computer performance.

  1. Click Start | Search.
    2. Type "Indexing Options" in the Search box.
    3. Press ENTER.
    4. Click the Modify | Show All Locations.
    5. Uncheck all drives under "Changed Selected Locations" category.
    6. Click OK | OK.

    Download and install priority updates. Using Windows Update tool, search for priority updates available online.

  2. Click Start | All Programs | Windows Update.
    2. Click "Check for Updates" and let the update scan finish.
    3. After finishing, click "Download and Install Updates".
    4. Reboot your system when you're done.

However, if your Windows 7 freezes up, the best solution is to repair the computer Registry. optimize services and clean system junk.

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