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Cheap HD Plasma – Samsung PN42A450


As far as a cheap HD plasma TV goes, your choices are varied these days. Gone are the days when $5000 was the minimum price for any sizes plasma television; nowadays you can pick one up for under $1000. As technology evolves and becomes more mainstream, prices inevitably drop and that is what has occurred with plasma TV technology.

One of the best affordable HDTV’s for under $1000 is the Samsung PN42A450 42 inch 720p. Whilst this is not a full HD 1080p model, you are not going to notice the difference. Given the low price, you appreciate every feature in this TV and like the majority of Samsung televisions (both LCD and plasma); you won’t be disappointed with the quality.

The Samsung PN42A450 can now be bought for as little as $850. To get the same sized TV with similar features you would normally have to pay well over $1000, so this is a real bargain.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the stand out features of this model:

Multiple Zoom Modes

4:3, zoom 16:9, wide zoom, zoom, and normal widescreen modes are taken care of. This is more than other TV’s in this price range.

3:2 Pulldown Feature

This feature reduces any artifacts that might occur from DVD and other digital formats.

Stylish Design

Samsung are known for making sleek, stylish TV’s and this one is no different.

Picture Quality

As is the way with plasma televisions, they can normally display very deep black levels and that is seen with this Samsung. The images are also exceptionally sharp and give a sense of realism more so than many other TV’s.

If you are after a cheap HD plasma then I can wholeheartedly recommend the Samsung PN42A450 as a good choice. It offers value for money, style and a feature set that you’d struggle to match with any other TV at this price.


Source by Paul Benett

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