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CRM Software – Improving Customer Service


CRM software allows businesses to never loose sight of their customers. It has often been seen that as businesses grow they are unable to remain customer centric, because there are so many things that take up their attention.

With business CRM software businesses are able to provide better customer service. It allows employees to quickly and easily manage, assign and resolve customer issues with the help of features like automated routing, and service request escalation.


Some of the features of Microsoft CRM software that help employees provide better customer service include:

*Queuing: individual customer cases can be sent to the queue from where the relevant department or individual can access it and resolve it.

*Routing: service requests are automatically routed to the concerned department or individual. This not only frees up the workforce from routine tasks, but also facilitates faster resolution of issues.

*Email Management: every customer emails are accurately tracked and responded to.

*Customer Case Management: it allows employees to assign and manage every customer request from the point of contact to resolution.

Data At Fingertips

CRM places customer data at the fingertips of employees. Using this data they can identify support issues commonly faced by the business and develop quick resolutions for these issues. They can also determine customer needs using this data. They can then provide service based on the customer needs.

The data can also be used by the sales department and management to measure the performance of the service provided. Based on the feedback businesses can come up with ways to improve their customer service.

CRM software allows businesses to identify their regular customers and help them provide better service to their loyal customers. With complete information at their access, employees are able to provide the information that the customer is looking for and improve their support service.

Since CRM software solution is flexible, it can be easily customized to fit all types of business needs. The software is a customer relation management solution that will help improve your customer service and thus your sales.


Source by Maribel Ward

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