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Flawless Skin With PIXEL LASER

Pixel laser utilizes non ablative erbium laser to produce millions of pixellate burns. it leaves intervening normal areas to produce a GRID like pattern, the advantage of this being that the intervening areas allow very rapid healing with almost no scars. it is almost painless, very comfortable, does not require simultaneous skin cooling (in fact the laser hand piece includes a surface tip cooling device, which is sufficient).

most people who undergo a PIXEl do so for

1. facial rejuvenation

2. acne and chicken pox pits

3. small areas of hyperpigmenation

4. as a quick facial before a social function

5. for improvement of scars anywhere in the body

the best results are derived on areas where, there are many acne and chicken pox scars. The device can be used to decrease the pit and allow simultaneous facial resurfacing. the new skin tends to cover the areas of the scar and the shouldering effect reduces the visibility of the scars. in addition the fresh skin over the scars makes that scar less visible

important precautions after a PIXEL are to avoid sunlight for 4-5 days, and liberal use of sunscreen every 4-6 hourly (usually SPF less than 26 is OK for normal skin which is not very fair. for very fair skin we would advise higher SPF. if the skin is very oily, or prone to acne, then maybe SPF 15 or thereabouts is required.

after a pixel, it takes 4-5 days for peeling to occur, rest assured this is a benign process, and this then allows fresh and soft skin to replace the overlying dead skin above. we advise 3-4 sessions of PIXEL laser spaced every 3-4 weeks apart for best effects. the effects of a PIXEL would last for more than an year, and touch ups may be required after that. the average cost of a PIXEL session, particularly over the face is about 250$, with a package of around 800$ for the whole treatment.

Source by Dr Amit Gupta

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