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Nokia 6125 Clamshell Review
Guide to Nokia 1600 Mobile Phone Reviews and Features


Nokia mobile phones have come a long way with their ever changing and developing features and attractive designs. Among other contract mobile phones, Nokia mobile phones have become quite popular throughout the whole UK . There are diverse models in Nokia mobile phones to suit the needs and expectations of the mobile phone users. Among its various other mobile phones, Nokia 1600 is attuned in various designs and basic features.

Nokia 1600 is a lightweight mobile phone which looks elegant with its compact size and chrome detailing. Nokia 1600 has a simple keypad, though, the numbers are divided into two sections, yet it’s quite easier to use. The user interface is good enough for small color display. Its color screen doesn’t have changeable colors like Nokia 1100.Like any other common Nokia mobile phones; Nokia 1600 offers various superb features with SMS, polyphonic ring tones with MP3 grade sound, wallpapers, themes and screensavers. It has a speaking alarm to remind you about important things. If you love to listen to some cool melodies then there are some twenty polyphonic ring tones with MP3 sound quality.

Nokia 1600 is a light weight phone, but you can do much with it. It has a hands-free speaker phone and you can easily use the menus. Nokia 1600 is really a user friendly phone as it enables you to do easy messaging quite conveniently. Its phone book can store up to 200 contacts. Nokia 1600 has a reasonable memory which allows you to store about 60 messages. If you love to play some good mobile games then Nokia 1600 offers you three cool games Soccer League, Snake Xenias, and Rapid Roll.

Nokia 1600 would suit to all your basic desires, you want in a mobile phone. So, get connected with others with a small yet beautiful Nokia 1600 []


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