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The Value of Your MI Hummel Figurines


How do you determine the value of M.I. Hummel figurines. M. I. Hummel figurines have been produced by the Goebel Company from the 1930’s until 2009 when a new company, Rodenthal, has taken the reins and began manufacturing these wonderful porcelain figurines depicting joyous children in their every day activities. So maybe you have some of these figurines in your personal collection and want to find out about their value. Well, to do this you have to determine three main factors involved:

1. How old is the piece.

2. Condition such as crazing, chips, repairs, paint loss, etc.

3. Demand for that particular piece

These three factors are critical in appraising your collection. The first two are easy and can be ascertained simply by a visual observation as to the condition of the hummel figurine. Also, you can determining the age by looking at its trademark found on the bottom of the base. There are several guides found online that will show you the Trademarks along with the corresponding year of manufacture.

Now that you have found the answer to the first two factors, it is time to answer the third and hardest factor, demand for a particular piece. Why is this so hard to answer? Well, it may not be, but that is dependent upon your expertise as a collector. Some pieces are very average and the demand is not as great as for other pieces; and some pieces are very rare and the demand is greater than the supply, thus you get a higher appraisal value.

So, do you have to be an expert Hummel appraiser to find the value of your collection. Not really. Two really good hints if you are not an expert is to use a Price Guide book. You can find these at your local book stores or online. They will give you a fairly accurate “book value” for most all Hummel pieces, as well as describe those that are deemed “rare.” However, book value is good for insurance purposes, but what about fair market value.

In today’s vast popularity of the internet, I would say that the eBay website has become a pretty good global market. If you are a member you can view the “completed listings” for a particular figurine and it will show you the most recent completed sales for that item. How much more data could you need to determine fair market value. This is what all interested people from all around the world are willing to pay for that piece at auction. So, from viewing that you could get a pretty good idea of what your piece would sale for on the market. Just remember, fair market value is just a point in time, and the fair market value fluctuates with the economy. What the price is now may be different next year, or even next month.

Hopefully with this information you can get a better idea of what your collection is worth. If in doubt it is always best to hire an expert to get a more professional opinion of the value of Hummel figurines.


Source by Samantha Simms

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