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Nokia 6125 Clamshell Review
LG & Vodafone Windows Phone 6.5 – LG GM750


The LG GM750 is one of the most recent handsets launched by LG. If you are looking for a touch screen mobile which has an elegant outer shell and boasts a lot of features, then the LG GM750 mobile is the best available option for you.

The LG GM750 has a compact and sleek body. It is only 12 mm in thickness. Its light weight enables the user to carry it conveniently. The stylish looks and exciting features of this mobile phone are attracting a lot of gizmo lovers from all over the world.

The screen of this new LG Windows Phone uses S class user interface for offering excellent touch screen experience to its users. You will be able to access all the applications and widgets just with a slight tap on the screen of this mobile. According to your taste and preference, you can customize the home screen of this new LG phone. Your mobile phone says a lot about you. This mobile phone can be customized according to your personality.

If you are among those people who love to stay connected with friends through social networking sites like Facebook, then this mobile will help you a lot. With this handset, you can maintain a constant touch with all your friends on Facebook. You just need to touch the Facebook widget on the home screen of this mobile, and you will be able to access your account on Facebook. With this mobile phone you will never miss the updates from your friends on Facebook.

If the pre installed applications and tools of the LG GM750 are not sufficient for you, you also have the option of visiting Windows Market place through this mobile and download various applications from there. This handset works on Microsoft Windows 6.5 Professional operating system. You will be able to check all your mails in a convenient way through “outlook” which is available in this mobile phone.

Through this mobile phone, you can also take awesome photos as a 5 mega pixel camera is present in this LG handset. Various features like auto focus; digital zoom etc. can be used with the camera of this mobile. These functions help in enhancing the experience of photography. You can also capture videos with the camera of the GM750 phone. You can easily store the captured images in this mobile. An individual can also share his photos on Facebook and other internet communities through this mobile.

Whether you love to hear FM radio or your favorite songs through media player or both, all these options are open for you with this mobile phone. You can save a large number of songs. The memory of the GM750 can be expanded up to 16GB with the help of a microSD card. The media player of this mobile phone supports MP3, WAV, WMA and other audio formats. This new handset is a complete entertainment t package in itself. You will never be bore with this latest Windows 6.5 Phone. The LG GM750 is not worth a miss. So, purchase it.


Source by Andrew Ramsey

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