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New LG Chocolate Goes Prepay – LG BL20 Chocolate Pay As You Go


The new sliding LG Chocolate phone, the LG BL20 has now been launched on Pay As You Go, this latest edition from the Black Label series is a direct upgrade to the original LG Chocolate KG800 and adds in some great new features and a slightly different and more modern design.

The external casing has now been squared off in line with the other phone in the new Chocolate range; the LG BL40, the original model had far more rounded corners and was chunkier in depth to the new LG BL20 which has not only slimmed down but also lost some overall weight for a more pocket friendly device.

Initially released as a SIM Free handset the LG BL20 Chocolate can now be purchased as a pay as you go phone and used simply by topping up the calling credit with physical vouchers, online or over the phone.

The prepay scheme appeals to many consumers including those that do not want the commitment of a long term contract as well as those that cannot pass the network credit checks in order to own phones on the pay monthly scheme.

The LG Bl20 is also available in another colour scheme aside from its original black and red colouring, a new purple edition has been made available exclusively by O2 on pay as you go with further networks picking up the handset once the initial exclusive period has ended.

This latest Black Label phone has vastly improved on the original Chocolate phone with more features and technology packed into a smaller frame, the main features include a 5.0 mega pixel camera with flash and autofocus plus the new ‘textscan’ software which allows you to scan handwritten or digital text via the camera, MP3 player and FM radio, an expandable memory using MicroSD cards up to 16GB and 3G connectivity for fast downloading of new mobile content and surfing the internet.

The touch sensitive keys which were the main selling point of the first LG Chocolate model are still present, these are hidden until touched at which point they light up with the heat of your finger. These buttons give full access to the phones menu system and can be used whilst the phone is in the closed position.

There are a number of new sliding handsets available on the market which are contenders to the new LG BL20, some of these with similar specifications include the Sony Ericsson W995 which has a more powerful 8.1 mega pixel camera, the Samsung Classico, Samsung S5200 (3.2Mp) and Samsung S3100.

In these days of full touch screen mobile phones the older, sliding design is not as popular as it once was, however there are still plenty of people not ready to move to a full touch screen experience and still prefer to use physical buttons and keys which is where the LG BL20 makes for a great little communication device.


Source by Susan Hargreaves

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