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Nokia 6125 Clamshell Review
Nokia n95 – The Super Baby


Woooh hooo…! Here comes another top shot from the Nokia family new Nokia n95. The computer or say phone with more than a phone, fully equipped with all latest features that enable, it to work like a computer. 5 mega pixel camera make you forget your camera as it has the digital zoom, Auto focus, flash, camera key, video player and the recorder, also the GPS function won’t let you buy another GPS navigator for your car and you can very well browse through the city maps over the new Nokia n95 itself. Get the best quality or say DVD quality videos from the new Nokia n95’s camera as it is one of the best quality camera as of now in the market.

New Nokia n95 also supports the new WLAN and Wi-Fi for all your internet needs without using any wires or the modem and on the top of it EDGE, HSCSD & HSDPA let you transfer your data instantly. Browse through the internet using the WAP, HTML and XHTML browsers. Listen to the music you want with its inbuilt Music player or tune in to your favorite station with its FM radio or the Visual Radio.

150 MB of internet memory let you store the best of the music, photos, video clips and many more. Bluetooth, Infrared and the USB port are there to provide the easy transfer modes. 3d graphics add additional stars to the quality of the display on its large 2.6-inch QVGA display and the built in stereo speakers makes the perfect delivery of the sound for your ears. TV-out and the 3.5mm audio jack let you connect the Nokia n95 to any compatible television for fast access to the recent photo shoot or the video that you have done with the new Nokia n95.

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Source by Robbie Mccay

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