There are myths surrounding the raw vegan diet that have prevented people from starting such a diet. This article discusses some of the major ones and hopes to educate the reader.

Myth #1 -Uncooked food is cold

There is a major misconception that eating uncooked food means a life of cold meals. Since healthy enzymes in uncooked food are not destroyed until it is heated to about 115F you can enjoy fantastic warm raw meals.

There are different methods of heating raw food. One of the more popular is called a raw food dehydrator. This device not only dehydrates food but also has the capability to heat food such that it stays lower than the 115F level.

Myth #2 – I can’t eat out or with friends on a raw diet

The idea that a raw diet prevents you from eating with friends is untrue. This is because the positive health benefits of a raw diet can be ascertained by eating uncooked food at least 75% of the time. So go ahead and join your friends for dinner.

In addition, more and more raw restaurants are popping up around the country, providing people with great options. Google “raw restaurants (your cities name)” you might be surprised what you find.

Myth #3 – It costs too much to eat raw

Although uncooked food is excellent for you it doesn’t have to take a toll on your pocket book. The main reason is that when you eat raw vegan you are eating a diet of vegetables which are generally cheaper than meat.

Also, uncooked food is more filling than cooked food because it contains more fiber, which means that you get fuller off of less food and therefore, have to buy less food.

A raw food diet means eating with friends, the option of hot meals, and potentially saving money

Source by Alistair Bedingford