Magic Leap Finally Demoed Its Headset And It Is… Disappointing

Magic Leap Finally Demoed Its Headset And It Is... Disappointing

​Magic Leap, the secretive augmented reality company that has raised $2.3 billion, finally demoed its long-rumored, much-vaunted headset on Wednesday (and announced that the headset will ship this summer). It was disappointing. 

Magic Leap has promised big things — remember the tiny elephant in your hands? Remember that whale jumping out of the gym floor? 


But the animations demonstrated on Wednesday fall short of those promises. Waaaay short. You can watch the full presentation here, but most of the demos focused around this little rock-throwing creature:


The ability to sense the wall and break the rock on it is cool, but still, this is it? 


Meanwhile, if you were hoping to not look like a total goober in the hardware, we have bad news:


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