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If you were told that you can make your own website using Google, you would probably think that you would head to Google's homepage and type a common keyword phrase such as "how to make a website." This search phrase should return more than a billion search results and several of the results on the first page should take you to some tutorials while other links lead to actual online tools so you do not really have to learn how to create a website. But what is quite interesting is that you will not see Google's own site building tool on the top results.

Back in 2007, Google launched a service called Google Page Creator and then launched Google Sites the following year. People that were able to build a website using Google Page Creator had their pages transferred to Google Sites after Google Page Creator was discontinued. Fortunately, Google Sites is still available as a free website creation and hosting solution even though you have to dig through Google's site to find it. It is more convenient to just head to Google sites and add the address as a bookmark.

Since this is a Google-owned service, you need a Google account to get started. If you already have a Gmail account or you use another Google service such as Google+, you should be able to start immediately by clicking the "Create" button right after you visit the Google Sites main page and log in to your Google account. Otherwise, you have to create a Google account which is free and should not take very long to make.

Google Sites is made for beginners because you will be asked to choose a site template after you clicked the "Create" button. There is a link that leads to a number of templates covering various categories so you are bound to find a decent template that matches your site's theme. You also have the option to start with a blank template if you prefer building your site's layout from scratch. You will be then asked to name your website and specify the location which will be a part of your site's URL. For instance, if you enter "myfirstsite" as the location, people will have to go to that spot to see your website.

One of the great things about Google Sites is how easy it is for beginners to add content to the template. It is as simple as adding a page by clicking the "New page" icon and then filling up that page with text or an image. It is as easy as composing an email but you can embed other neat widgets such as a Google Maps link or a document stored in your Google Drive. Once you save the site, it is immediately updated and made available for everyone to see so you will not have to perform any extra steps such as uploading the site to the host.

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