Have you been dealing with Windows XP control panel freezes? This is actually a semi common problem computer users come across. There is something about the control panel that causes the computer to freeze up when it is accessed. There is actually a simple solution to fix control panel freezing. But first we must get into what is causing the problem.

Windows XP control panel freezes are caused by errors in the Windows registry. The Windows registry is the area that controls information on how to run software, hardware, and device drivers on your computer. Many of these action commands are used in the control panel. When there are problems with these commands it can cause the control panel to freeze.

Think of it like the engine in an automobile. The engine is what makes the car go, the same with the registry. But when the engine is having trouble the car will stall or may not start at all.

This is why we bring the car to a mechanic every couple months for a tune-up. We want to be sure to prevent any future problems. Yet with our computers, we only bring it to the shop when something goes wrong (like control panel freezing or general computer screen freezing).

We do not perform any preventive maintenance on our systems. This is a very big mistake. Meanwhile our registries become filled with errors and corrupt information. These problems cause disruptions in our systems ability to communicate. When this happens our computer freezes up.

In order to fix Windows XP control panel freezes, you need to scan and repair all registry errors. You can get a free scan and diagnosis by using the software below. The software can also perform automatic scheduled maintenance tasks to prevent computer freezes from ever happening again. Give it a try!

Source by Jim Marshall